Lavender Honey
Lavender Honey
Lavender Honey
Lavender Honey

Emirelli San Francisco

Lavender Honey

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Emirelli Lavender Honey - 100% Pure Honey with Powerful Antioxidants

PURE LAVENDER HONEY  Get a taste of the sweet, natural goodness of lavender honey in its pure and all-natural form with Emirelli. Countless health benefits naturally occur in pollen, so get them all for you with this syrupy goodness.

UNIQUE FLAVOR  Sourced from the high altitude 8000ft mountains. By the incredibly high altitudes, our honey has the ancient flavor of lavender. We are thankful for the bees that have brought us this miracle aroma.

VERSATILE USES  This raw natural lavender honey is light and fragrant, making it an excellent match with cheese. This excellent honey complements aged goat cheeses perfectly. It is also excellent for peeling the rind from blue cheese. You can enjoy a jar of Emirelli in countless ways.

RAW AND UNFILTERED We bring you the most out of this sweet syrup by bringing it to you in its raw, unfiltered, pollen-filled form. Also, our lavender honey is taken fresh from bee hive frames, ensuring that you always obtain honey in its purest and most natural form as all-natural. Our honey is independently tested & certified, sustainably sourced & harvested, and NON-GMO.

HEALTHY DIET As raw honey is the least processed, it contains the most antioxidants and raw honey is an excellent source of complex vitamins. Suitable for halal – kosher dietary. Lavender honey is ideal for bringing a healthy diet into your everyday routine.

  • Raw - Unfiltered
  • 100% Pure
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Halal
  • Glass Jar
  • 10.1 Oz